Rembrandt Donkersloot

AssociatePatent Attorney

Rembrandt Donkersloot has a background in physics. Rembrandt has a broad knowledge and growing experience in many fields, including mechanics, optics, electromagnetism and medical imaging. He became a Dutch Patent Attorney in 2019.

Before joining HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER, Rembrandt worked as an experimental physicist within 3 research groups (among which Cornell University) where he conducted research on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) phenomena on the atomic scale.

    • Koch Industries. patent prosecution in Europe.
    • Hologic. patent prosecution in Europe.


    • A method for mechanical generation of radio frequency fields in nuclear magnetic resonance force microscopy, J. Wagenaar, A. den Haan, R. Donkersloot, F. Marsman, M. de Wit, L. Bossoni, T. Oosterkamp, Rev. Appl. Vol 7 p.02419, Feb. 2017.
    • J.J.T. Wagenaar, A.M.J. Den Haan, R.J. Donkersloot, T.H. Oosterkamp, “A magnetic resonance force detection apparatus and associated methods”, patent application WO/2017/149024, Sep. 2017.

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Rembrandt Tower, 30th Floor
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P.O. Box 94361
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Dutch, English


University of Cambridge, Entrepreneurship (Postgraduate) (2019-2020)

Leiden University, Physics (MSc) (2014-2016)

Leiden University, Physics (BSc) (2010-2013)