Lukasz Wlodarczyk

Lukasz is an attorney at law before the Court of Paris and a European patent attorney.

Lukasz has practiced patent law since 2003. He started prosecuting patent applications in the IP department of an international group specializing in electronics. He then moved to a US IP boutique in NYC, before returning to France to work as a patent attorney at a large European IP firm.

Lukasz joined the firm in 2016 as a patent litigator.

He has an excellent command of EPO prosecution (examination, opposition…). He also spent one month at the EPO board of appeal 3.5.02 in Munich, which exposed him to appeal procedures from within DG3.

His involvement in patent infringement suits led him to carry out many French "saisies-contrefaçon" (evidentiary seizures) based on patents (and occasionally on software copyright). He is also involved in patent revocation and non-infringement proceedings in France, as well as other related matters, such as employer/employee law regarding employee inventions.

Before entering legal practice, he was an electronics engineer specialized in signal processing and IT security, and is CISSP certified. He developed, inter alia, an OFDM circuit operating in the HF band as well as various cryptographic smartcards. He was tasked with the deployment of a large scale PKI requiring tight coordination of numerous industrial subcontractors.