Marjolein Velthoen

Marjolein holds an MSc and a PhD degree in physical chemistry. She specializes in catalysis, spectroscopy and inorganic chemistry. She specialized during her PhD on structure-acidity-activity relations in solid catalysts. She is in training to become a Dutch and European Patent Attorney.

Marjolein has an understanding of subjects like catalysis, in particular polymerisation and FCC catalysts, nanomaterials, biomaterial to chemicals conversion, spectroscopy, and general Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

Before joining HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER, Marjolein obtained a bachelor and master degree in chemistry at Utrecht University (with honor) where she also did her PhD. During her education, she was rewarded with an internship at Stanford University in the USA and she was, amongst other extracurricular activities and honors programs, chair of the department of Chemistry’s Participation Council, with the responsibility of co-determination in University planning and budgeting. She is co-writer of several publications in chemical journals.