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Arbitration & Mediation

There are many solutions to intellectual property disputes and litigation is one way of solving them. However, HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER also has the perfect expertise to represent your interests by way of alternative dispute resolution. We help you choose which type of proceedings is the best tool for you.

Where complex international disputes are to be decided, where the panel needs special expertise or where confidentiality is a major issue, arbitration or mediation can be the right alternative to litigation. HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER offers you the full range of arbitration and mediation advice. Our Arbitration and Mediation Group has counselled clients under the rules of inter alia WIPO, ICC and ZCC just to name a few institutions, as well as in ad hoc proceedings.

We make sure that your arbitration and mediation agreements create the best setting for your interests by choosing the right jurisdiction, arbitration and mediation rules and further parameters for potential disputes. Where applicable, we make sure that the arbitrators or mediators appointed to the panel are excellent and impartial. Where disputes arise, our skill and knowledge on the various sectors will provide you with the best legal and strategic advice for the particular setting. And where the case requires expertise for foreign jurisdictions or special legal or technical fields, our excellent network allows us to involve experts for every question.