Practices / Copyright


HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER works with you to ensure your copyrights as well as neighboring rights as performers, phonogram, film producers and broadcasters and sui generis rights as database producers are well protected and defended. Our lawyers are recognized experts in the field of copyright, often acting as governmental and academic consultants.

We represent prominent right-owners, including famous artists, producers, publishers, broadcasters and some collective management societies at all levels and have worked on a number of high-profile cases up to the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), from high-value plagiarism to the liability of internet service providers. We are also experienced in the protection of software and databases. We have developed a particular expertise in the field of new digital exploitation modes. Our lawyers enjoy finding innovative solutions when it comes to negotiating appropriate contractual arrangements required to resolve new challenges in a digital environment.

Our market and sector knowledge and our involvement in the enforcement of anti-counterfeiting programs allow us to help our clients to invest in the future by advising them on their long-term strategies. Our broad background in other fields of intellectual property such as trademarks, designs and patents means we are ideally placed to secure the best IP solution for protecting your creations and your business in general.

We also have extensive experience in the exploitation of our clients’ copyrights through licensing, merchandising, joint ventures and financing. We are able to perform due diligence work in the context of corporate transactions and audit/management of copyright portfolios.