Practices / Patents


Patents exist to protect your investment in the future of your company. Whatever the issue, we will defend, enforce and protect your patents through our dedicated teams of patent lawyers.

It is our mission to get to know and understand a client’s business and goals. It is in our culture to be responsive, direct and transparent in communication, and to take professional responsibility and a feeling of ownership for our client’s cases. This all helps us to hone our advice to a client's particular business targets, achieving both optimal IP strategy and efficient cost management.

Patent Litigation

HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER’s patent litigators are among the very best in Europe. They are involved in many of the leading patent cases and have accumulated vast experience stretching over decades. The world’s most innovative companies in the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical, telecoms, electronics, automotive, optics and consumer goods industries entrust their high-end litigation to us.

We are also consulted by clients, authorities and institutions on issues of patent policy, including the challenges and opportunities brought by the new Unitary Patent system.

Our enthusiasm for and understanding of technology as well as our ability to provide our clients with excellent work at reasonable price sets us apart from our competitors,. Whether it is a question of setting up Europe-wide enforcement and protection of, for example, a blockbuster pharmaceutical product or a large telecoms portfolio, of putting customs border programs in place to block infringing goods from entering the EU, or of using search and seizure measures to gather evidence of infringement, we will do whatever is necessary to protect and enforce your rights. If you are accused of infringing the patent rights of a competitor, we will mount the very best defence possible, and deploy any counter-measures necessary to remove the threat to your business.

HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER has extensive experience in conducting, managing and coordinating multi-jurisdictional patent litigation, including by setting up communication plans to ensure consistency, budgeting and reporting.

We are not just, however, exceptionally persistent litigators. We are also experienced negotiators, mediators and arbitrators. If doing a deal is better than pursuing the matter through the courts, we will explain this, and seek to ensure the best resolution possible. We see litigation as a business tool, a means to an end, rather than an end in itself.

We are also experienced in the protection of your trade secrets and plant breeding rights. We have the capacity to perform due diligence work in the context of M&A transactions and the audit and management of patent portfolios.

Patent Prosecution

HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER’s Patent Prosecution Group in Amsterdam provides a full range of patent prosecution services. We handle complex IP portfolios both for multinational clients and for start-up and medium-sized companies.

Close integration and cooperation of the firm’s litigators and patent agents ensures the best advocacy during litigation, especially in complex cases when delving into the technology can result in game-changing insights. We also offer the highest quality patent prosecution work, from drafting and prosecuting patent applications, to assistance in oppositions and appeals. We are frequently asked for a second opinion in complex business decisions.

For national litigation outside The Netherlands we continue to also cooperate with a wide network of trusted local patent agents in other firms.

A strong business orientation and extensive experience in the multi-jurisdictional patent arena enables us to fully understand how to make your patent portfolio both strong and enforceable at an international level.

Our patent agents offer support in all aspects of patent prosecution including:Drafting and prosecuting patent applications (EP, PCT, US, national)

• Advising on your in-house IP management procedures
• Opposing competitors’ patents
• Defending clients’ patents in oppositions and appeals
• Responding to re-examinations, reissues and appeals before the USPTO
• Providing freedom to operate and product clearance opinions
• Advising on infringement and validity
• Due diligence research and opinions in mergers and acquisitions
• Pre-litigation support
• Licensing support (negotiations, license contract work etc.).

We also have patent agents in our Amsterdam team who are qualified in the United States. We provide our European clients with US patent prosecution and counseling services, giving our clients with trans-Atlantic concerns the benefits of improved prosecution consistency and cost efficiency, and the convenience of being close at hand.

In a number of European countries and in the United States, we represent directly before the national patent offices. This reduces the need for costly local agents.

Our patent agents, like our litigators, have expertise in all technological fields. Particular specialisations include:

• Electrical engineering and electronics (including semiconductors, signal processing systems including telecom, computer related inventions and imaging)
• Chemistry and life sciences (including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, antibody and genetic engineering, medical devices, food technology and diagnostics)
• Mechanics and mechanical engineering.