Unified Patent Court / Five reasons to instruct our firm for UPC litigation

Five reasons to instruct our firm for UPC litigation

1. Front-runners
A number of our partners have been actively involved in the design of the UPC system and training of less experienced patent judges. Our managing partner, Willem Hoyng, for example, sits in the committee that developed the Rules of Procedure of the new patent courts. This close involvement with, and inside knowledge of, the brand new procedural system gives us a tactical advantage over most European patent law firms. We helped to build the new system.

2. Leaders in the field of patent litigation
As one of the very few international IP boutiques in Europe, our firm provides consistent top tier quality in patent litigation and is able to act on your behalf in all of the Court divisions of the new system.

3. Knowing the local influence in a unified court system
Traditionally, Germany, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France and Belgium have been the most important patent litigation venues in Europe. All of these countries will host their own UPC divisions, and it is expected that notwithstanding the UPC's uniformity, some "couleur locale" will remain. Understanding the couleur locale gives an edge over outsiders, if only because the most experienced UPC judges come from these jurisdictions. Our seasoned patent litigators know these judges and their national patent law background very well, and can set out the best litigation strategy for each particular case.

4. Having the necessary resources and expertise
Our team consists of more than 30 dedicated patent litigation partners. Together they cover the entire technical spectrum of patent disputes. Whatever the technical field – pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals, high-tech or 4G communication systems – our people understand the technology and have over forty years of experience of Europe-wide patent litigation. They are able to recommend the best strategies to pursue in a given case. Our firm also has technically trained patent attorneys supporting the trial lawyers where needed and ensuring a cost-efficient litigation team. We are one of the very few European law firms able to provide this service.

5. Continental trial lawyers
Our patent litigators are genuine trial lawyers. They know the best litigation strategies, but also have the skillset to present and win a case in the courtroom. They have built their practice in the leading patent systems of the European continent. The UPC procedural system is based on the continental system, which is where our lawyers cut their teeth.