José Antonio Sanmartín participates in CODA’s Legal Committee Meeting as expert on website blocking in Europe

Madrid partner Jose Antonio Sanmartín had the honour and privilege to make a presentation about “Website Blocking in Europe” before CODA’s (Content Overseas Distribution Association) Legal Committee Meeting.

CODA is an association of Japanese content creators, instituted in 2002 in response to a call by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Agency for Cultural Affairs (ACA), whose main purpose is promoting the international distribution of Japanese content, such as music, films, animation, broadcast programs and video games, as well as assisting Japanese content industry to make concerted efforts in taking countermeasures against copyright infringement overseas. To fulfil such purpose CODA also manages the CJ (Content Japan) trademark, and collaborates in different initiatives with regulatory bodies, Japanese and foreign government bodies and trade associations. CODA currently has 32 corporate members, 12 Organization members and 9 Supporting members.