World Mental Health Day 2022

Monday 10 October was World Mental Health Day, a day where we reflect on mental health and well-being and the importance of it.

We seized the opportunity and organized the ‘AMS to MAD’ challenge. With the help of the app Yumuuv, we set the goal of walking together a tour of all our offices: starting from Amsterdam, passing Düsseldorf, Munich and Lyon to Madrid and back to Amsterdam via Paris and Brussels – a total of 4000 kilometres or 5.6 million steps in 2 weeks. Walking is known to improve mental health, and team building activities are a great asset to the working environment. The challenge motivated our teams to walk together and was a great success: we went far and beyond our goal of 5.6 million steps.

To celebrate this achievement, we decided to make a donation to Alzheimer Europe. An umbrella organisation of 35 national Alzheimer’s associations from 32 European countries. Their mission is to improve the lives of people affected with dementia.

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