Important victory for HUAWEI in Spain

The Madrid office of HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER has obtained an important victory for HUAWEI.

In a decision dated 29 November 2019, Commercial Court no. 7 of Madrid has dismissed in its entirety a claim filed by a company called TOT POWER CONTROL (TOT) against HUAWEI and VODAFONE, regarding the use of OLPC (Outer Loop Power Control) technology.

The claim involved a complex set of actions for alleged breach of confidentiality agreements, unfair competition and patent infringement, as well as a defensive exception for the invalidity for lack of novelty and inventive step of one of TOT’s patents, and involved a claim for compensation of damages amounting several hundred million euros. All causes of action against HUAWEI and VODAFONE have been dismissed.

This decision can be appealed before the High Court of Madrid.

HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER’s team for this case included Luis Fernandez-Novoa, José Antonio Sanmartín, Carmen Amor and Mar Conde.