Prof. Dr. Fabienne Brison


Fabienne specialises in copyright, media law and new technologies (software, databases, internet, AI, …). She also works regularly in the areas of trademarks and design. She advises and defends copyright and neighbouring rights holders such as producers, publishers, broadcasters and some well-known artists, as well as their collective management organizations. She conducts several high-level litigations and assists clients in their negotiations and with the drafting of contracts, advising them both on the legal-technical and strategic aspects. Fabienne is a CEPINA approved arbitrator for domain-name disputes and a CEPINA approved ICT-mediator.

In addition to her extensive practical experience, Fabienne is a professor of intellectual property, media law and ICT law at the University of Brussels (VUB). She also lectures at the University of Leuven (KUL) in the Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Rights & ICT.

Fabienne is the Secretary General of the “Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale” (ALAI) and Board member of its Belgian chapter, the “Belgian Association for Copyright” (ABA/BVA) after having been the chair for about 14 years. She is appointed as an expert-member of the Intellectual Property Council and vice-chair of its Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Division (the advisory organ to the Belgian federal minister competent for intellectual property rights). She also is a member of the editorial Board of the legal review „Auteurs & Media„. She has authored many articles and books on copyright and is a regular speaker at national and international events.

    • CHwapi v. SBIM. Represents CHwapi during their negotiation of an IT services contract with SBIM and a former employee (till date).
    •  Promeco & Boxter v. Guy Laroche & Textiles Olivier Mercie. Representing a Belgian company in a trademark case before the Court of Appeal of Brussels, concerning exhaustion of rights and (non) opposability of limits in the principal licence to third parties (till date).
    • SBS & Medialaan v. H. en S. Acted successfully for the Flemish private television broadcasters SBS Belgium and Medialaan in a criminal case regarding the making available of TV broadcasts on torrentsites such as ‘Showgemist’, resulting in the conviction of the defendants on the basis of copyright, neighbouring rights and cyber crime legislation (2018).
    • ERA Belgium v. The Brokery. Represented successfully ERA Belgium in a dispute regarding (denied) protection of computer software and interface before the court in Antwerp (2018).
    • Chloé Matthieu v. LN Knits. Represented Chloé Matthieu successfully in a dispute about alleged infringement of LN Knits’ copyright (2017).
    • PlayRight v. Telenet. Representing PlayRight (the Belgian collective management organization of neighbouring rights of performing artists) in a dispute with the cable distributor Telenet, which concerns the transmission by cable of protected works by “direct injection”, as well as the validity of “all-rights” agreements with broadcasters and the presumption of assignment of rights to film producers. The Belgian Supreme Court recently referred the case to the Court of Appeal of Brussels (2016 to date).
    • PlayRight v. Agicoa & BAVP. represented successfully the Belgian collective management organization of neighbouring rights of performing artists, PlayRight, in a dispute before the Belgian Constitutional Court in a matter brought by the collective management organisations of rights of film producers, Agicoa and BAVP, against the Belgian State concerning the right to equitable remuneration for performers and producers and the unassignable right to remuneration for cable retransmission for authors and performers (2016).
    • EMI Music Publishing Belgium, Warner/Chappell Music Publishing Belgium, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Belgium v. S. Acquaviva And Others. Represented successfully three major music publishers who are copyright owners of Madonna’s song “Frozen”, against a Belgian composer who claimed that Madonna infringes the copyright of his song “Ma vie fout l’camp” based on lack of “originality”. The Belgian Supreme Court finally rejected their appeal (2015).
    • SBS Belgium v. Right Brain Interface (RBI) – administrative proceedings. Intervened succesfully for SBS Belgium, a Flemish private television broadcaster, along with VRT and Medialaan, in a matter brought by RBI against the Flemish Media regulatory authority (VRM) before the Council of State. RBI was indeed condemned by the VRM for infringement of Article 180 of the Flemish Media Decree (the so-called ‘Signal Integrity Decree’) but appealed (2015 to date).
    • SBS Belgium v. Right Brain Interface (RBI) – civil proceedings. Acted successfully for SBS Belgium, a Flemish private television broadcaster, along with VRT and Medialaan, in a copyright dispute concerning “bhaalu”, a cloud service to record TV programs that infringes the claimants’ reproduction and communication to the public rights. RBI appealed (2014 to date).
    • SBS Belgium v. Telenet. Represented successfully SBS Belgium, a Flemish private television broadcaster along with VRT and Medialaan, before the Belgian Constitutional Court in a dispute with Telenet who claimed the annulment of Article 180 of the Flemish Media Decree recognizing the “signal integrity” for linear broadcast signals (2014). (Fabienne assisted SBS Belgium, VRT and Medialaan in the legislative process of adopting the Signal Integrity Decree in 2013.)
    • Simim and PlayRight v. Belgian State. Representing the Belgian collective management organisations of neighbouring rights of phonogram producers, Simim, and of performing artists, PlayRight, in their dispute with the Belgian State in order to avoid the threatening modification of the regulation regarding the equitable remuneration, following the (disputable) CJEU judgement in case C-135/10 (SCF v. Del Corso) (2014 to date).
    • Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale (ALAI), Secretary General
    • Belgian Association for Copyright (ABA/BVA), Board member
    • Benelux Association of Trademark and Design Law (BMM), Member
    • European AI Alliance, Member
    • International Association for the Advancement of Teaching and Research in Intellectual Property (ATRIP)Belgian Association for Copyright (ABA/BVA), Board member
    • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), Member
    • International Association of Entertainment Lawyers (IAEL), Member
    • Chiefs in Intellectual Property (ChIPs), Community Member
    • “Actualités législatives en droit d’auteur” (co-authors S. Hermoye, M. Sahagun, P. Meskens and D. Borgniet, in: Droit de la propriété intellectuelle, ed. N. Berthold, Larcier, Brussels, 2019)
    • “Kroniek intellectuele rechten (2017-2018)” (co-authors M.C. Janssens, P. Maeyaert and H. Vanhees, in: R.W., 2018-2019)
    • “Huldeboek Jan Corbet. Het Belgische auteursrecht. Artikelsgewijze commentaar. Vierde herziene editie”, eds. F. Brison and H. Vanhees, Larcier, Brussels, 2018
    • “La copie dans le cloud: droit exclusif ou exception?” (co -author S. Hermoye, in: A&M, 2017)La copie dans le cloud : droit exclusif ou exception?” (co-author Hermoye, in: A&M, 2017)
    • “Le droit de communication au public des radiodiffuseurs” (co-author M. Sahagun, in: A&M, 2017)
    • “The Right of Communication to the Public in the European Union” (co-author Depreeuw, in: Research Handbook, ed. P. Torremans, Edward Elgar Publishing, London, 2017)
    • “Leidt het Hof van justitie het einde van het stelsel van verplicht collectief beheer in?” (CJEU, 16 November 2016, Soulier-case) (co-author Dovoy, in: A&M, 2017)
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    • “Op weg naar een uitgeversrecht?” (in: Schuim op de branding. Liber amicorum Michel Flamée, eds. Fabienne, B., Delvoie, J., Feltkamp, R. en François, A., Die Keure, Brugge, 2016)
    • “Rome Convention”, “Geneva Convention” and “WPPT” (in: Concise Commentary on Europe Copyright Law, 2nd ed., eds. T Dreier and B. Hugenholtz) (2016)
    • “Het recht van mededeling aan het publiek” (co-author S. Depreeuw, in: 20 jaar nieuw auteursrecht, eds. Cabay, V. Delforge, V. Fossoul and M. Lambrecht, Anthemis, Wavre, 2016)
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    • “Het Naburig Recht van de Uitvoerende Kunstenaar” (Larcier, Ghent, 2001/2008)
    • “What does the Art 17 of the new Copyright Directive promise for the future of authors’ right?”, panel discussion on 1st edition of ALAI Award Ceremony (2019)
    • “Auteursrecht – Droit d’auteur (Training for magistrates)”, IGO (2018)
    • “Actualia Auteursrecht”, M&D Seminars (2018)
    • “Reviewed copyright package: one-year post EU Commission proposal”, IP Summit, Premier Cercle (2018)
    • “The general framework and the scope of the private copying exception”, Auvibel-conference on “De uitzondering voor het kopiëren voor eigen gebruik en de vergoeding van de schade in een gedigitaliseerde omgeving: uitdagingen en vooruitzichten” (2017)
    • “Actualia Auteursrecht”, (2017)
    • “Actualia Auteursrecht”, (2016)
    • “Actualia Auteursrecht”, M&D Seminars (2016)
    • “She looks at every new case with a fresh perspective and she is always looking for what she still has to learn.” Chambers & Partners 2021
    • “Trademark, copyright, media and technology law specialist Fabienne Brison draws on this all-encompassing knowledge to devise wraparound strategies and broker IP-rich contracts.” World Trademark Review 2021
    • “An excellent and very smart lawyer” Chambers Europe 2020
    • Fabienne Brison is described by market commentators as an “excellent lawyer” who frequently offers expertise in IP litigation. Chambers Europe 2018
    • “Fabienne Brison is a leading individual in copyright issues, particularly in the media and technology spaces.”Chambers 2017
    • “Fabienne Brison has particular expertise in copyright, new technology and media.” Chambers Europe 2016
    • “Fabienne Brison often handles copyright, trademark and design disputes in the TMT sector and recently acted for PlayRight, the Belgian collecting society, on a dispute with Telenet over the cable transmission of protected material.” Chambers Europe 2014
    • “Fabienne Brison advises on copyright, with notable expertise in the media and new technology fields.”
      Chambers Europe 2013
    • “She [Fabienne Brison] is very hands-on, with an eye for detail and a solid awareness of business issues.”
      Chambers 2012
    • “Fabienne Brison is intelligent, committed and presents well in court.” Legal 500 2010
    • “Fabienne Brison enters the rankings this year bolstered by positive feedback on her extensive experience of copyright matters. She successfully represented SEMU before the Constitutional Court, challenging recent legal provisions.” Chambers Europe 2010



Avenue des Nerviens 9-31
Nerviërslaan, 4th Floor
B-1040 Brussels


Avenue des Nerviens 9-31
Nerviërslaan, 4th Floor
B-1040 Brussels



Niederländisch, Englisch, Französisch


University of Brussels (VUB) (Doctor in Law, 1998)

University of Paris (Paris II, Panthéon) (Diplôme d’Etude Approfondie en Propriété Littéraire, Artistique et Industrielle, 1988)

University of Brussels (VUB) (Master in Law, 1987)