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As our lawyers are often at the forefront of developments in IP they author articles, speak at events and are also quoted in the press. For more information, click on the area that interests you.

If you are interested in receiving comment on a particular topic from any of our lawyers please contact Alexandra Coppieters alexandra.coppieters@hoyngrokh.com or Stefan Didyk at stefan.didyk@hoyngrokh.com

  • Luis Fernandez-Novoa, Jose Antonio Sanmartin and Alvaro Velazquez wrote an article for the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice 2013 volume #8 on why the Supreme Court, before 2011, accepted so few patent cases, and why that number suddenly increased drastically. Moreover, it provides a critical and comprehensive evaluation of the most important cassational judgments rendered in 2011 and 2012 in the field of patent law.
  • Spanish IP expert Laura Cantero wrote an article for Intellectual Property Magazine with a brief comment on the preliminary draft bill of March 2013 amending, among others, the Spanish Copyright Act, aimed at strengthening tools to fight piracy.
  • Stéphanie Hermoye published an article on the 3 dimensional trade marks in Trends-Tendance: "Ai-je le droit d'enregistrer une marque sous une forme?".
  • Stéphanie Hermye published an article on linkers who allow to play play counterfeited games on game stations in Trends-Tendance: "Jeux vidéo: attention au piratage!"
  • Clearing the way for no delay / 01 February 2013
    Article by Alvaro Velazquez published in the February edition of Intellectual Property Magazine: Comment on the Spanish Supreme Court's decision that there must be no delay on the effectiveness of the European patents set out by the EPC. Hoyng Monegier's Spanish office acted for Envac in this matter.
  • Fabienne Brison, Steven Cattoor and Carina Gommers have each written a contribution in the recently published Belgian IP codex which compiles the most important legal instruments applicable in Belgium in the IP field, commenting on the Copyright, the SPC Regulation and the Customs Regulation respectively (Wet & Duiding – Reeks Economisch Recht. Boek 10: Intellectuele Rechten, F. Brison, M.C. Janssens en H. Vanhees (ed.), Brussel, Larcier, 2012).
  • Laura Fresco, senior associate at HOYNG MONEGIER (Amsterdam office) has published a contribution on the Dutch IP actualities website www.ie-forum.nl concerning the recent Football Dataco decision (High Court of Justicy Chancery Division 8 May 2012, [2012] EWHC 1185 (Ch) (Football Dataco Ltd v Sportradar e.a. and Football Dataco Ltd v Stan James Abington Ltd).
  • Jose-Antonio Sanmartín, Senior Associate at Hoyng Monegier writes an article for the Feburary 2012 edition of Intellectual Property Magazine. His article, titled A warning against imitators is based on the case Pandora Jewelry, A/S, and City Time, SL, v Relojerí Electróníca and Artestone SL.
  • After almost 40 years of failure, the European institutions seem finally to be edging towards a Unified Patent System.