HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER represents leading players in a wide range of creative industries, such as luxury goods, media, the arts and entertainment, and helps them enforce and defend their copyrights, neighbouring rights and software and secure database protection.

Our copyright specialists have set many precedents and worked on a number of high-profile cases, including before the Court of Justice of the European Union, involving for example the liability of Internet service providers and the use of new digital technologies. Our lawyers are committed to finding innovative solutions to challenges arising in the ever-changing world of copyright and are often asked to serve as governmental consultants and academic experts.

Our in-depth industry knowledge and experience in other areas of intellectual property law allow us to devise the best copyright strategy for our clients. We also have extensive experience in licensing, merchandising, joint ventures and financing, including due diligence and copyright portfolio management.

    • Representing key players in the entertainment industry in various cases involving the blocking of torrent websites.
    • Leading preliminary injunction proceedings based on copyright protection of an asthma inhaler in the context of a pan-European dispute.
    • Obtaining a landmark CJEU decision relating to database protection for several major Dutch publishers against a search engine.
    • Obtaining injunctions and damages awards for copyright infringement of inter alia industrial designs, fashion, software, artworks, films and music.
    • Litigating a case (up to the Dutch Supreme Court) involving copyright protection of an international television format.


    • Representing a luxury fabric maker in various proceedings to stop the unauthorised reproduction of its copyrighted waxed-fabric designs.
    • Advising on the interface between copyright and patent law in relation to artificial intelligence.
    • Advising on a complex matter relating to copyright protection for acrobatic shows.
    • Leading copyright litigation relating to construction plans.
    • Providing an extrajudicial assessment of the possibility to obtain copyright protection for drawings of a keypad.

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