Industrial equipment & Manufacturing

HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER represents some of the world’s leading companies active in the industrial equipment and manufacturing sectors. We have extensive experience dealing with a wide range of technologies in these sectors, including mechanics, physics and electronics as well as IT, software, communications and AI.

The industrial equipment and manufacturing sectors are a highly competitive environment, for both hidden champions and well-known multinationals. Innovation and the protection of inventions are key in this business. Our highly skilled intellectual property specialists provide the full range of services required by clients active in the industrial equipment and manufacturing sectors, including the enforcement of intellectual property rights, the protection of know-how and trade secrets, and assistance obtaining proof of infringement by competitors in cases where publicly available evidence is lacking.

Our experience is not limited to enforcement and extends to the provision of advice on R&D, technical cooperation, subcontracting, outsourcing and technology transfer agreements. Our technical and legal expertise is complemented by our commercial acuity and thorough understanding of the client’s business. We are hands-on practitioners, enforcers and partners, with unparalleled courtroom experience and a stellar reputation, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the products and processes involved.

    • Representing a leading manufacturer of cutting and drilling tools in patent infringement and invalidity litigation.
    • Defending a leading manufacturer of electronics and household appliances in patent litigation relating to a home beer tap.
    • Representing a global Japanese manufacturer of printing machines.
    • Acting for a leading manufacturer of solar cell technology, enforcing a key solar cell technology patent against multiple competitors, including coordination with US and ITC litigation.
    • Obtaining trade mark and design protection for the world leader in the manufacture of wood-cutting tools.


    • Conducting patent litigation for a major steel manufacturer.
    • Successfully representing a major packaging producer against its main competitor.
    • Representing a bathroom appliances manufacturer in cross-border patent and design litigation.
    • Representing a global car manufacturer supplier in cross-border patent and trade secret litigation relating to shock absorbers.
    • Conducting patent litigation relating to a multiphase pump used to separate oil and gas in the oil production industry.
    • Conducting patent litigation in the poultry and meat processing industry.
    • Conducting patent litigation relating to a cow milking apparatus.
    • Conducting patent litigation relating to a loading mechanism for transport trucks.

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