Fashion & Luxury goods

From brand protection to strategic litigation and tailor-made anti-counterfeiting actions, we know how intellectual property law can help strengthen and support your business. Our dedicated team has extensive experience advising and litigating in the fashion and luxury goods sector, from high-end fashion to designer furniture, cosmetics and watches. We know the industry inside out and have what it takes to guide your business when it matters most.

We have secured numerous trade mark, design, copyright and patent injunctions for our clients and are committed to helping them build and protect their brands. HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER specialises in cost-efficient cross-border intellectual property litigation. Our experienced trade mark and patent prosecution lawyers work closely with customs authorities to seize, investigate and combat counterfeiters in a structured and cost-effective manner.

    • Acting as international lead counsel for a renowned fashion brand and obtaining pan-European trade mark injunctions against multiple foreign defendants (two large international clothing chains).
    • Litigating on behalf of a luxury fabric producer to stop the unauthorised reproduction of its copyrighted wax fabric designs.
    • Securing injunctions against a company hosting counterfeit websites and other intermediate infringers, on behalf of numerous luxury brands.
    • Setting up and enforcing an EU-wide brand protection programme for a leading cosmetics company.
    • Obtaining immediate protective measures before various national courts (e.g. by means of ex parte injunctions in one to two days) to prevent imminent copyright, design, trade mark and patent infringements at upcoming trade fairs and in newly opened shops.
    • Conducting patent litigation for a jewellery clasping mechanism.
    • Setting up an international strategy to protect the eye-catching design of a popular cosmetics product against copycats, thereby allowing the client to maintain and secure its unique position on the market.
    • Representing a fashion retailer in a patent dispute relating to a clothing manufacturing process.
    • Obtaining a cross-border trade mark injunction, product recall, damages and a publication for a successful watchmaker’s brand, based on custom detentions, against a network of counterfeiters.
    • Representing a famous hotel brand against a luxury fashion house in legal proceedings relating to a fundamental and controversial trade mark issue.
    • Representing a high-end US luxury brand in opposition proceedings against another renowned fashion label.
    • Representing a high-end UK luxury brand in multiple opposition proceedings.

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