At HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER, we help our clients develop an astute strategy to protect and enforce their patents, based on thorough technical knowledge, excellent advocacy skills and a drive to win each and every case. We also advise on how to avoid or prevent protracted litigation. We have top-tier patent litigators in all major patent jurisdictions in continental Europe. Our patent litigation team consists of more than 30 partners, whose experience and proven track record have resulted in HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER being consistently recognised as one of the leading European patent litigation law firms.

HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER is the only European intellectual property boutique firm with top-tier teams of seasoned litigators and technical experts in all of our home jurisdictions. This exceptional combination of legal and technical expertise renders us highly effective and efficient litigators and allows us to manage and coordinate multi-jurisdictional patent litigation in an optimal manner.

Our lawyers understand complex technology, from monoclonal antibodies to telecommunications networks and semiconductor lithography. We work with the world’s most innovative companies in sectors such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals, telecommunications, semiconductors, electronics, automotive, aerospace and consumer goods, to name but a few.

    • Defending the world’s leading immersion lithography manufacturer and its main optical system supplier in pan-European patent litigation and coordinating global litigation.
    • Representing a major telecommunications operator in large-scale litigation involving an extensive portfolio of various standard and implementation patents, without losing a single case in over three years.
    • Conducting pan-European patent litigation up to the national Supreme Courts and setting precedent on equivalent infringement relating to occluders for the percutaneous closure of atrial septal defects.
    • Representing a client in a patent infringement dispute concerning two blockbuster products with a CJEU decision on the interpretation of the SPC Regulation.
    • Representing a client in patent litigation related to new type of landing gear for a leading manufacturer of civil helicopters.
    • Conducting SPC infringement and validity litigation in the field of cancer treatment.
    • Advising a leading manufacturer of solar cell technology on the enforcement of a key patent against multiple competitors, including coordination with US and ITC proceedings.
    • Representing a global supplier to car manufacturers in cross-border patent and trade secret litigation relating to shock absorbers.
    • Representing a Japanese multinational in cross-border litigation and settlement negotiations in the field of UV curing inks.
    • Managing a global dispute relating to an extensive portfolio of patents and licensing and antitrust issues between two leading handset and chipset companies.
    • Representing a car manufacturer in SEP licensing negotiations with various SEP owners and pools.
    • Assisting a leading sonar equipment manufacturer with the enforcement of a portfolio of patents and utility models against competitors, with parallel ITC and US proceedings.



    Our patent prosecution team, based in Amsterdam, and Paris provides the full range of prosecution services as well as technical support to our international litigation specialists. For litigation outside the Netherlands and France, we work with an extensive network of trusted local patent agents. Our patent attorneys have experience in all relevant technical fields, including electrical engineering, electronics and physics (semiconductors, lithography and signal processing systems such as telecoms, networks, computers and computer-related inventions, LEDs, optics and imaging), chemistry and life sciences (pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, antibody and genetic engineering, medical devices, coatings and resins, food technology and diagnostics) and mechanics and mechanical engineering.

    Our patent attorneys are skilled at building effective patent portfolios, defending crown jewels in proceedings before the relevant patent offices, and drafting and enforcing key patent applications. Our team includes patent attorneys who are qualified to practice in all major European jurisdictions as well as the United States. We are thus able to provide European clients with cost-effective US patent prosecution services and advice, while remaining close at hand.

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