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HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER has an outstanding track record in the telecoms and ICT sector, having been at the forefront of litigation, licensing and negotiations for years in this rapidly growing, fast-moving field. Our clients have benefitted from our strategic and commercial insight in some of the sector's most high-profile “patent wars”. We have been present in the court room and at the negotiating table for many of the world’s leading companies, advising on technologies and technology standards such as GSM, UMTS, mp3, MPEG, AVC, HEVC, DBV, DSL, LTE, 5G and IoT.

We  understand the complex legal and strategic pitfalls inherent in SEP litigation, such as FRAND and antitrust issues. We are skilled at guiding clients through negotiations in complex licensing deals, for both standard-essential and non-essential IP rights, and have the resources and technical expertise to assess large telecommunication patent portfolios.

We help our clients make their way through the technological and economic transformation the market is currently undergoing, entailing a shift from traditional telecoms and ICT to a digital economy characterised by connected devices, cloud computing, AI, big data and blockchain technology.

    • Defending a well-known telecommunications provider in a patent infringement action brought by a non-practicing entity (NPE).
    • Enforcing an SEP portfolio against a number of smartphone manufacturers including FRAND and antitrust defences, prevailing on appeal and obtaining injunctions.
    • Representing a leading telecommunications operator in large-scale litigation and licensing negotiations regarding alleged SEPs and implementation patents, including FRAND defences.
    • Defending a telecommunications company in extensive portfolio litigation against a competitor, in which context our client’s in-house IP team received a JUVE award.
    • Representing a leading US telecommunications company in an international dispute relating to the enforcement of patents in the field of radio technology.


    • Representing clients in European litigation in the field of mobile phones and computers.
    • Representing a leading handset manufacturer in SEP litigation against the large SEP portfolio of a patent assertion entity.
    • Representing a car manufacturer in SEP licensing negotiations with various SEP holders and pools.
    • Representing a large automotive supplier in various SEP licensing negotiations.
    • Representing a client in a global dispute relating to a large portfolio of patents and involving licensing and antitrust issues between two leading handset and chipset companies.
    • Representing a leading electronics manufacturer in a trade mark dispute, including proceedings concerning the use of a designation for new TV technology and judicial and administrative proceedings relating to the use of a designation for intelligent objects.

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