Sectors / Automotive


HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER has extensive experience and expertise in representing and advising the automotive industry over the entire range from parts and component suppliers to manufacturers and dealers. Our lawyers and patent attorneys have in-depth knowledge of all legal, technological and economic aspects of the industry. They have a profound understanding of the industry, not only of its technical and legal aspects, but also of the market and the dynamics that drive it.

Our technical experience spans from e.g. combustion engine technology and spare parts to electronics and particularly new trends such as connectivity and the digital car, green tech, safety and automated driving. Our services and expertise, however, reach far further than the protection of technical inventions. We advise and act for our clients in all facets of intellectual property law and related fields. This encompasses, besides patents, design and copyright protection for spare parts etc., anti-counterfeiting, parallel trade, border seizures, licensing agreements/disputes as well as related competition law issues, R&D and technology transfer agreements and product liability. We can represent you in negotiations, litigation, arbitration and mediation.

Our legal services thus cover the entire time span of automotive products, beginning with technical research and development and product design, to market entry and distribution of the serial product.