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Telecoms & Electronics

The telecoms and electronics sector is one of the fastest-growing and fastest-moving technological areas. Competition in this space is exceptionally fierce. Telecoms companies know that intellectual property, and in particular a strong patent portfolio, can provide the leverage necessary to maintain and increase market share.

Our lawyers and patent attorneys are well aware of the complex issues which can arise in patent disputes in this area. These issues can extend beyond traditional patent law concerns, and may include competition law arguments and questions involving industry standards, such as standards setting procedures, FRAND issues or the possibility of injunctive relief or other measures under standard essential patents. Often, parallel disputes are being fought out in a number of different jurisdictions. Our team of patent professionals are perfectly placed to deal with such matters, and can build on vast experience based on a probably unrivalled involvement in many of the high-profile cases in this sector.

We act on a regular basis for clients active in the fields of telecommunication, computer technology, game consoles, DVD & Blu-ray technology, digital television, MP3-MP4 technology and many more.