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Joris heads the Trademarks, Designs, Copyrights and Media practice in Amsterdam. He advises and litigates in trademark, copyright, media and internet matters. He is particularly experienced in providing quick and effective remedies to intellectual property infringements, complicated IP litigation and coordinating pan-European infringement actions. Joris is often involved in ground-breaking matters in the field of trademarks and copyrights, designsTV formats, peer to peer file sharing, action against ISP’s and proxy servers, search engines, database rights, and other (on line) infringements and unfair competition. 

    • Russian State Enterprise FKP Sojuzplodoimport v. SPI (Stolichnaya). Representing the Russian State Enterprise FKP Sojuzplodoimport in a trademark dispute, winning back the rights to the well-known vodka trademark Stolichnaya in the Benelux and Austria. Joris coordinates the European litigation. (press)
    • BREIN v. Ziggo and other ISP’s – website blocking (The Pirate Bay). Representing the Hollywood film studio’s and the music, games and e-books industries in various court cases involving the blocking of torrent websites such as The Pirate Bay. The European Court of Justice ruled in favour of BREIN and declared that P2P websites like The Pirate Bay are making available to the public (C-610/15). In subsequent court proceedings BREIN obtained injunctions forcing all big Dutch ISP’s to block The Pirate Bay. (press) 
    • Acting on behalf of Samsung against the notorious multi trade mark filer Michael Gleissner, who blocked successful registration of one of Samsungs EUTMs, due to a devious filing strategy. On 18 September 2019 a positive judgment was obtained in which the court annulled the Gleissners trademark and awarded damages to Samsung. (Appeal is pending) (press)
    • FKP Sojuzplodoimport v. Yukos. The shareholders of former Russian oil company Yukos seized FKP’s Benelux vodka trademarks for auction, to settle claims against the Russian State by virtue of an arbitral award. On 24 October 2020 the Hague Court ordered that the seizure be lifted. (press)
    • Assisting Rituals against multiple infringers of its core brands.
    • Representing Philips in matters relating to copying of household products, inter alia obtaining cross border injunctions.
    • Acting on behalf of the John Lennon Estate (Yoko Ono) in various proceedings against the infringers of the John Lennon brand. Obtained, among others, a favourable judgment in 2018 against a Polish company marketing JOHN LEMON soda. (press) 
    • Acting on behalf of the Jimi Hendrix Estate (Experience Hendrix LLC) against various abuses of the Jimi Hendrix trademark and personality rights across the EU. The team inter alia represents the Estate in EU wide cross border litigation against manufacturers of “JIMI HENDRIX” branded products which are offered under license of Jimi Hendrix’s brother, who is not authorized to sell such products.
    • Litigation and advice to various owners of Geographical Indications re. various forms of infringements of their rights, including the GI Tequila.
    • G-Star RAW litigation.  Joris heads the team that enforces the rights in G-Star’s famous RAW trademark across Europe. The team obtained various cross border injunctions and reached settlements with a large number of companies. On 11th of June 2019 the Court of Appeal of The Hague ruled in favour of G-Star in proceedings, bypassing an earlier decision of the Düsseldorf Court of Appeal. 
    • Successful litigation on behalf of Rabobank re the tradename Fundr. (press)
    • EU wide litigation on behalf of a Swiss Multinational in the appeal phase relating to the trademarks of vegetarian burgers.
    • Assisting Philip Morris in various trademark and copyright infringement cases.
    • REACT v. various Hosting ISP’s. Obtained various pan EU injunction orders on behalf of various luxury brands in relation to counterfeit websites. 
    • AkzoNobel v. network of software infringers. Obtained EU wide injunctions and seizures against multiple resellers infringing on AkzoNobel paint mixing software, eliminating a network of infringing resellers of Sikkens paint. 
    • De Persgroep v. Innoweb. Obtaining a favourable judgment awarding damages to a major Dutch publisher De Persgroep in litigation against Innoweb (De Telegraaf) before the European Court of Justice. (press)
    • Successfully representing SABAM in legal proceedings against companies offering background music. A favourable judgment was recently obtained. 
    • Euronext v. Binck Bank and TOM. Obtained a favourable judgment re damages after obtaining an injunction against Binckbank and TOM on behalf of European Exchange Euronext to cease infringing on the AEX trademarks, cease infringing the rights in the stock options database, cease the breach of contractual obligations and stop misleading “best price” advertisement. Succesfull follow up proceedings about the damages. (press) 
    • MARQUES 
    • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) 
    • International Trademark Association (INTA) 
    • Dutch Copyright Association (VvA) 
    • Dutch Media and Communication Law Association (VMC) 
    • “Television formats and ideas according to Dutch law book. Otto Cramwinckel Uitgever (1994) 
    • “Extremely efficient in coordinating multinational proceedings, mastering the variety and ambiguity of different legal systems.” Chambers & Partners 2021
    • “Joris is one of the best Dutch litigators around. He fuses excellent legal knowledge with exceptional strategic negotiation skills; and even in cases where the chances are split 50/50, he can tip the balance in the client’s favour.” World Trademark Review 2021
    • “Joris van Manen is a pioneer of groundbreaking copyright work, has perfect knowledge of Dutch law and is always easy and efficient to cooperate with.” World Trademark Review 2020
    • “Lauded as a good champion for his clients.” Chambers Global 2019 
    • “Van Manen is not only dedicated and creative, but boasts a unique combination of academic depth and street fighting spirit.” World Trademark Review 2019 
    • Sources admire his presence in court, saying: “He puts a lot of energy into his case, really goes the extra mile and is a totally committed fighter.” Chambers Europe 2018 
    • “Very efficient, very responsive and capable of addressing specific issues and getting down to what’s important.” Chambers Europe 2018 
    • “A determined, persuasive and aggressive litigator, he has an impressive courtroom presence. He is also very thorough, preparing every millimeter of a file, and is one of the most creative lawyers out there.” World Trademark Review 2018 
    • “Very sharp” lawyer who “understands the problem and content of the case immediately and is able to adopt the right strategy to convince other parties.” Chambers Europe 2017 
    • “Efficient, accurate” Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars 2017 
    • A “true litigator with enormous experience and a great record of success”, Joris van Manen is “intellectually sharp and does everything he can to win”. World Trademark Review 2017 
    • “Effective, creative and a good choice for important cases.” IP Stars 2016 
    • “Joris Van Manen advises and litigates on a wide range of IP topics, including trade mark, design, media, internet and copyright matters. He has particular expertise in infringements with regard to TV formats, online betting, database rights and peer-to-peer file sharing.” Chambers Global 2016 
    • “Extremely clever litigator capable of producing brilliant work” World Trademark Review 2016 
    • “He is proactive and goes all the way for us; he takes great care of his clients’ interests.” Chambers 2015 
    • “A litigator with enormous experience and a leading combatant in the fight against fakes.” World Trademark Review 2015 
    • “In-depth knowledge and quick thinking” Legal 500 2014 
    • “Seasoned litigator” World Trademark Review 2014 
    • “He’s very thorough and thinks along with us. We’re very pleased with him”, one client comments. Chambers Global 2013 
    • “He’s excellent: to the point and business like” Chambers 2012 
    • “A strategist and experienced litigator” Chambers 2011 
    • “Joris is a recent addition to the team, having arrived from De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. His experience in trademark, copyright, media and Internet cases will no doubt strengthen the firm’s IP practice, peers predict.” Chambers 2010 
    • The “wonderfully skilled” Joris van Manen has featured strongly in a number of Internet-related IP cases of late. Chambers 2009 


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