Lilian Gonçalves-Ho Kang You #BreakTheBias – IWD 2022

In the run-up to International Women’s Day, we contribute to the dissemination of knowledge about women that have broken the bias by achieving outstanding accomplishments in their respective fields, by updating and translating into our local languages the Wikipedia pages of five exceptional women, each representing one of the countries we are present in.

Our fifth and last nominee, selected by our Amsterdam office, is Lilian Gonçalves-Ho Kang You.

Lilian Gonçalves-Ho Kang You is a Surinamese and Dutch human rights activist. Gonçalves-Ho Kang You has had various positions within the human rights field, including president of the Dutch section of Amnesty International, and president and member of Amnesty’s International Executive Committee. Recently, Gonçalves-Ho Kang You was the chairperson of the Advisory Committee on the National Policy Framework for Colonial Collections, which has presented a recommendation to the Dutch government regarding the returning of colonial art.

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