Scientific Consultant

Dorothea Prinz is a medical biologist and has a Ph.D. in molecular medicine. She has a strong background in fundamental research while specializing in immunology and cellular biology.

Since 2024, Dorothea Prinz has been supporting the legal team as a scientific consultant, providing expertise in the scientific contents of cases. Before joining HOYNG ROKH MONEGIER, she worked for a pharmaceutical company in the project management and execution of clinical trials.

  • Publications
    • Prinz D, 2017. Basophile Granulozyten, Gesprächspartner der B-Zellen. Agil-Info der Deutschen Rheuma-Liga Berlin e.V. 4/17:13
    • Dijkstra D, Meyer-Bahlburg A, 2016. Human basophils modulate plasma cell differentiation and maturation. J Immunol 198(1):229-238
    • Dijkstra D, Hennig C, Hansen G, Biller H, Krug N, Hohlfeld JM, 2014. Identification and quantification of basophils in the airways of asthmatics following segmental allergen challenge. Cytometry A 85(7):580-587
    • Schaumann F, Frömke C, Dijkstra D, Alessandrini F, Windt H, Karg E, Müller M, Winkler C, Braun A, Koch A, Hohlfeld JM, Behrendt H, Schmid O, Koch W, Schulz H, Krug N, 2014. Effects of ultrafine particles on the allergic inflammation in the lung of asthmatics: results of a double-blinded randomized cross-over clinical pilot study. Part Fibre Toxicol 11(39).
    • Dijkstra D, Hennig C, Witte T, Hansen G, 2012. Basophils from humans with systemic lupus erythematosus do not express MHC-II. Nat Med 18(4):488-489

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English, German, Dutch


Hannover Biomedical Research School, Ph.D., Molecular Medicine, Immunology (2007)
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, M.Sc., Medical Biology (2001)
Rijkshogeschool IJsselland, engineer, biomedical chemistry (1999)